Monday, February 28, 2011

I Write And I Sing For You

The purpose of my writing is to reach out to other people and make a positive difference in their lives.  Music is such a powerful influence on thought and thoughts are a huge influence on the heart.  A good message tied to a memorable melody can touch another person for the betterment of that individual and (through the change in them) the lives of others also.  That is why (even in my secular songwriting) I make an effort to keep the lyrics as uplifting as I can.

I use the Word of God as an example and model for what I do.  It was written to be read so that the message from the LORD could be shared and passed on down through successive generations.  Its purpose is to reach us today and influence the people who read it to make choices for God’s glory.  However, writing does not communicate unless someone reads what is written and is changed by what they read.  Songs unsung do not achieve their purpose, so I sing to give life to words through music.

It is my deeply held belief that by reading the bible, writing and sharing what I write (the Word of God filtered through my experiences) I am living to reach people and influence them for the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is one way I fulfill the purpose God has created me for.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why I Am Happier Now

I used to be much more concerned about what I was going to do next and that caused me a considerable amount of anxiety.  I would worry about what I’d done and said and fret about what I had to do to get what I wanted.  This wasn’t working very well for me because I was seldom satisfied.

I keep coming to the realization (and each time I do it’s on a deeper level) that no matter what I achieve there will always be something else I want.  So, I focus more on what I have now and how it is fulfilling to me.  Rather than considering what I am going to do next and how great I’m going to feel when it is done, I reflect on and appreciate all that God has given me already.

It’s a simple thought process that yields a tremendous amount of peace and satisfaction in my life while giving glory to the creator of the universe.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

It Is A Good Thing To Know God

I’ve never been a traditionally “religious” person but my fervor for intimacy with God through Christ makes me a Christian.

The first time I knew that God was real was when someone told me that He knew me and was thinking of me long before I was ever born.  The revelation of His eternal wisdom drew me into a heartfelt desire to know Him personally.  This led to my accepting Jesus Christ (God as a human being) as my LORD, my savior and my friend.  Since that day I’ve found that the more I study the bible, the more I understand the truth and the deeper I know the reality of God.

Here’s what my experience has shown me: a life devoted to seeking the truth finds the joy of knowing pure Love by having the Spirit of God alive in your heart.

Besides that, I’ll never know that God does not exist. If I die and there is no afterlife, I’ll have no awareness and therefore never experience what it is to be without God.  So I choose to be aware of His existence, now.  I believe that the Word of God is true and I will live on after this life and come to know Him more and more, and in greater and greater fulfillment for eternity.  This worldview makes me happy, satisfied and grateful.  I do not understand why would someone would choose to believe otherwise.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Purpose I Have In Living

The main thing that appeals to me about God is the infinite nature of His Wisdom and Power.  I know that for my entire life I will always be able to learn more about Him and continue to grow with His Spirit living in me.  That assurance is a solid force of comfort and an endless source of joy and wonder.  It is my sincere desire to share that understanding with others.  I trust that He will give me opportunities to be of service as long as I live.

It is with this concept that I build my ministry: I want to give you the same chance to know the Lord and to enjoy the fulfillment of His presence in your life that is only truly available through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I desire to share the gifts He has given me so that I can reach you with His abundant Grace in hope that someday you too will know the joy of sharing Christ with someone else.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Home Is My First Mission Field

When defining my Unique Core Ministry, I start at home, serving my wife and helping my children.  It is my pleasure to be available for them as much as possible. I enjoy working from my garage conversion so that I can get right to their needs at a moments notice.  I admit that sometimes I feel like I’m being interrupted by them at work, however, when I look at it from a different vista I see that the opposite is true; I am breaking up the time I spend focused on the most important people in my life with my personal ambitions, business tasks and other self-centered projects.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How I Can Help Others To Know God’s Grace

The constant goal of my ministry is to show others the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I can only do this by living the Word of God and being a conduit of His Grace to other people.  I am a unique person and my life experience has made me accessible to other individuals because of the differences we share, respect (or in some cases) just don’t understand, yet.  There is someone “out there” who only I will reach because they will be ready, willing and able to accept the truth from me at some time.

For example, I am a walking, talking man of faith.  Long after it is obvious to the world that I am not going to be successful, I continue on working to make my God-centered dreams become tangible reality.  Because of this gift of “stick to it-iveness” I can talk with authority on perseverance.  When someone tells me they are tired and want to give up I can say (something like), “I know, I’ve been there, keep working at it, but maybe chose a different angle of attack, you will continue to as long as you persist.”  The demonstration of biblical principles in my life is attractive to certain people who will then be encouraged to investigate the source of my strength.

I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. 
I said, ‘You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you.  So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. 
I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (Isa 41:9-10 - NIV)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inspiration Gleaned From The Study Of Scripture

Singing a great way to internalize any idea because the marriage of lyric to melody increases our ability to enjoy and remember what was written.  So many of the songs heard today are not based on the Word of God, and therefore a lot of harmful, misinformation has been embedded in our thoughts.  My mission involves sharing the truth found in scripture through the craft of songwriting.

There is nothing new under the sun, however, there is always another way to express the truth.  Whenever I study the bible and meditate on a passage from it, I find an abundance of ideas flowing out through me.  I feel a responsibility to collect those thoughts and write them down.  That is the call I am responding to with my music ministry, it is one way I have been gifted to share.

Monday, February 21, 2011

This Is Something I Do For Others

Although I enjoy practicing playing guitar and singing by myself, this alone time is not ministering to anyone except me.  I realize that in order to be effective in using my gift of music to help others, I must get the songs I write into the ears of other people before the words and music I write can do any real good for someone else.  This concept is what now drives my efforts to record my music.

I believe that by recording the guitar and vocal parts separately I can make my songs sound more like what I hear in my head and reduce the distraction of my awkward performances.  Also, the recordings can travel where I can not and be duplicated for expanded delivery to people who will benefit from hearing the messages they convey.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Defining My Mission - Day One

Today I am beginning to look at why I do what I do (writing songs and singing them) from the perspective of - How can I be of aid (or help) someone else with my gift?  I am asking myself this question - "What good can come to others from the sharing of the words and music I write?"

For starters, I should let you know that I first began writing songs in the late '70's when I was a teenager just learning how to play guitar.  I always wanted to sing but felt significantly hindered with a voice that just seemed to get caught in my throat.  I haven't really experienced a whole lot of positive feedback from my efforts to share music.  None the less, I soldiered on for decades, writing, singing and walking around like a minstrel with my dreadnaught guitar tied around my neck, looking for every opportunity to jam with other musicians but mostly playing solo to the four walls of whatever space I was living in at the time.

Why did I do this?  Because I felt an urgent need to communicate through the medium of melody and lyric and I had the gift to do it for hours on end hardly noticing that time was passing by.  It is a taste of eternity and I enjoy the heck out of it.  So the question evolves, "Am I helping anyone else by surrendering to the deep need I have to make music and sing new songs?"