Thursday, March 3, 2011

Created In The Image Of God, But Not Always Looking Like It

Who we are supposed to be is directly related to who created us.  The truth is: we were made in the image of God and when we do things that are contrary to his will, problems arise in our lives.

To understand who I should be I look at the Word of God and study who He is, what He did and what other people who served him well did.  The characteristics that I find there are the ones that I strive to develop in my own life.  However, I often fall short of that ideal.

The difficulties I’ve known and the trials that I’ve been working through are what I call my “struggles in life”.  These experiences are part of what has molded me into who I am.  Throughout my life I’ve been imperfect and humbled, and by exposing my vulnerability it makes me approachable and therefore useful.  I can be of help to others because I can relate to people who have been in similar situations and they can relate to me.  By sharing our struggles with each other, we can see that we are not alone or weird or outcasts but instead we are part of a community because of the troubles we are going through.

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