Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Help Someone And Be Blessed

In defining my Unique Core Ministry I am seeking how my life experience can be of value to others.  In this quest one thing that comes to the surface is my focus on individuals and using my trials and suffering for their benefit.  At first blush this may seem to be a contradiction, I’m in trouble with something and needing help, and somehow this is supposed to help someone else?  Well it does, when you understand that by focusing on others, our own problems dissolve.

It has been my experience that by giving we always receive back more than we gave.   I have seen this work over and over again as long as the spirit of the giving is unselfish.  It’s not like an investment done for profit, but a gift given in love.  I don’t expect that spending time with a lonely, elderly person is going to compensate me financially, however, somehow I am richer for the experience.  I’ve heard stories of people inheriting great fortunes because of their generosity, but I don’t believe that type of outcome can be consciously engineered, it’s God’s way of administering justice and his bookkeeping is perfect.

Even though caring for another hurting person can be frustrating and seem unrewarding, it’s always going to bless you for being a blessing.  And at the end of the day, it just feels right to do the right thing even if you didn’t directly earn any money for your efforts.

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