Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fear Is A Tool Of The Enemy

One emotion that prevents us from achieving the best life we can live is - fear.  It robs us of our joy and creativity; it separates us from the success we can enjoy when we overcome it.  It is such an influential force in the world that lives are destroyed by its overwhelming power to defeat us.  The curious thing about fear is that - it is optional and voluntary.  We chose (subconsciously for the most part) to be afraid and by making that choice we create most of our own misery.  The good news is that we can chose to face our fears and in doing so disintegrate them.

I am daily working on this truth and adding it into my personal arsenal of mental habits.  It’s still a challenge for me and may take the rest of my life to completely install it (in my personality), but the results I’ve gotten so far convince me that it is one significant key to achieving every goal I’ve ever set and living as the relaxed and confident person I believe I can be.  Best of all I know that it is God’s will because He says, “Do not be afraid.”

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