Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Truth Of God Is In His Word

We have the choice of life or death and we make that choice with the words we read and speak.  Every word is a supernatural seed containing the pattern and life that will grow into the fruit we will experience in our lives.  Good fruit has good results and bad fruit, bad results.  The Word of God is the good and perfect truth made available for us to read and learn exactly what is right to do.  With this knowledge we are equipped to act in obedience to the LORD and enjoy a richly fulfilling relationship with Him.  By planting the Word of God in our hearts (through reading, studying and meditating on it) we can be permanently changed for the better.  This transformation will allow us to desire and experience the eternal blessings of righteousness (the kingdom of heaven) instead of being deceived and disappointed by the temporary things of this world.

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