Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Can My Experience Be Of Value To You?

It’s pretty clear to me how my experience in video production is of value to someone who is interested in making a motion picture (that also includes sound recording).  I’ve spent years perfecting techniques and studying what works and doesn’t work (frame by frame) in making a high quality movie.  I own a plethora of high quality production equipment and know how to use (most of it) efficiently.  But, how does my life experience help others to have a better relationship with our creator?

I’ve made some major mistakes and paid a price for my foolishness.  For example, I spent way too much time “experimenting” with mind-altering substances before I started to act on what my heart was telling me all along: I am higher and happier when not under the influence of drugs and alcohol - plus I never have to buy more (because I never run out of) sobriety.  Now, how do I teach that to someone else?  Also, I have learned that my personal worries dissolve when I give my full attention to the needs of another person, now, how do I employ that truth into my daily walk so that (by living it) others can learn from my experiences?

I’m open to suggestions and willing to learn new techniques of using what is unique about my life (both the good and the bad) to benefit others.  My struggles and difficulties (both past and present) are opportunities to communicate with people who may be open now (or will be open in the future) to avoid similar pitfalls or to offer an encouraging hand up out of the pit they may feel trapped in now.

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