Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finding Your Path To The Way, The Truth And The Life

No other mortal can tell you exactly what you need to do to find the answers to life’s questions.  We are all unique individuals who are looking through a complicated filter of emotional experiences and it takes the infinite wisdom of God to sort it all out.  Humans are not capable of fully doing that for each other.  We can help by sharing our discoveries and teaching what we’ve learned through our struggles, but ultimately it’s up to us to seek out the truth that can lead each of us to our best spiritual destination.

An atheist mother and an agnostic father raised me, so religion and spirituality were ideas that I had to learn about on my own when I came of age.  There were things I missed out on and things I may never have be able to fully understand had I been brought up differently.  There were times when I wished I had been shown the truth of the Gospel earlier in my life and had read the bible before I was in my mid 30’s, but all in all I’m glad I chose to seek God without having been told that I had to do so.  I might have resented it or been indoctrinated into some false teachings that could have stunted my spiritual growth and even lulled me into a false sense of religious righteousness.  Because I actively sought out God and the truth I found it has a deep and lasting effect on my ability to show others that they do not have to answer to anyone except the LORD and his grace and love are revealed to everyone who seeks them, regardless of their upbringing.

By doing the work of discerning what seeds to plant and harvest you learn the lesson of diligence and those crops are not easily uprooted by the wind of discouragement or by passing fads.  Although I suggest that you dig deeply into the Word of God and test to see that His Way is The Way, I can only suggest (because it is your choice) to do so and I know that your life will reveal the fruit of your choices.

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